Zhejiang Sigmaplus Cable co.,Ltd. Floor9, Zhongmao Building, Yong An Str., Wukang, Deqing, Zhejiang, China.   E-mail: info@cablesigmaplus.com

What we do?

Specialized in R&D and manufacturing Photoelectric information、New energy transmission cable, Cabling System Integration and network solutions

  • LAN Cables: 1,800,000 boxes (305 meters/box)/year
  • 20 years experience of R&D and manufacture in cable industry
  • Senior scientific research and design team
  • Cooperated with Tsinghua University & Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute(SECRI) in technology R&D and improvement
  • Drafter of 3 National standards: GB/T18015, GB/T21430, GB/T21204
  • Exported to more than 60 countries all around the world


Cabling is the unsung hero of every IT project for all business initiative. Your Network Cabling Solution is the basic strategic investment on which all other network equipment depends. Sigmaplus offers a portfolio of cabling and connectivity products that integrate the data, voice, video, and various management systems of a single building, groups of buildings or geographically distant buildings, providing a comprehensive physical management platform for your business enterprise.

Sigmaplus Products reach the connectivity comprising of cable, patch panels, wall outlets and patch cords supporting LAN applications with a complete range of Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7 and Cat7A structured cabling solutions for the enterprise market.

The Telecommunication Industry Standards are available into Sigmaplus offerings including UTP, FTP and SSTP variants. Finally our commitment to provide excellence in products and services Sigmaplus Offers 25 year performance warranty for our Sigmaplus Installation Partners.

Complementing our Copper Data Cabling solution, Sigmaplus Fibre Cabling solutions include 19 inch panels, ST, SC, FC, MTRJ and LC connectivity options, adaptors, patch cords, pig tails and splice trays.

Welcome to our confidence circle, welcome to Sigmaplus World.

About Us

Sigmaplus Connectivity Products lets you make a network infrastructure that can provide a higher quality and performance on Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10G applications. Our system is based on solutions for telecommunications room, horizontal distribution cabling, upright distribution cabling and cross-connects to your work-areas, with a wide-range copper & fiber-optic products, all our products are designed under raw material "New One".

Sigmaplus established in 1993, is a state high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D and manufacturing Photoelectric information、New energy transmission cable, Cabling System Integration and network solutions, also a member of China Communications Standards Association(CCSA) and a drafting unit of GB(China National Standard) on LAN Cables. In the cables industries of China, our Market-size of LAN Cables has been in the top three. Sigmaplus is located in Deqing, Zhejiang, which is only 180kms away from Shanghai and 40kms away from Hangzho